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After its very successful 2013 Asia Conference, APEX returns to the region and anticipation for the 2014 APEX Asia Conference is growing! This exclusive event will include two full days of education and several memorable networking opportunities for APEX members in the region and around the globe.   

Why should you join us in Hong Kong in November? 

Two full days of education covering trends, strategies and new technologies.

Leading industry experts discussing IFE, catering, connectivity and more.

Valuable exchange of ideas, industry information and best practices.

Opportunities to network with regional and global members - more than 200 airlines and suppliers from around the world.

Regal Hongkong Hotel
88 Yee Wo Street
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 

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Session topics include: 

Keynote Address – Exceeding Expectations & Excelling the Passenger Experience
This session will offer and overview of the airline industry in Asia including its unique development and characteristics and what that ultimately means for the passenger experience. 

e-Aircraft Concept: Nose to Tail Solution
Explore the e-Aircraft concept as the future of inflight connectivity with the potential to provide real and valuable cost savings, an improved passenger experience and more. The drivers are the passenger experience and ancillary revenues; operational efficiency and safety; and availability and reduction in maintenance costs. The key business areas are passengers services; crew services; flight operations, navigation and safety; and aircraft health monitoring. This session will share what an e-Aircraft entails and how best to make it a reality.

Wifi Streaming: Who, What, When?
People are always connected. This is evident on the ground and is the trend inflight as well. This BOYD approach enables engagement and interactivity with passengers by offering new ways to connect and share content. This panel session shall provide attendees with a look at what is involved with delivering an IFE solution including security and rights management, the numerous design considerations, second screen utilization, technical hurdles and more. How is the user experience? What does the passenger think? Panelists will offer consumer insights that emphasize the demand to be connected, even at 35,000 feet.  

Catering & Services
Catering and hospitality is a fundamental element of the airline passenger experience. The inflight meal options available vary widely between airlines and destinations of origin, and offer everything from a simple beverage to a seven-course gourmet meal. Hear from subject matter experts as they discuss the latest innovations and trends in onboard food products, equipment and services.

Closed Captioning
The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has stated it will announce new regulations requiring closed captioning for inflight video in U.S. airspace to assist deaf and hard-of-hearing passengers. Other regulations intending to assist the visually impaired may also be in the notice from DOT. Clearly, new closed captioning and similar rules have the potential to seriously impact many segments of our industry and present challenges from economic, practical and technical standpoints. APEX has taken the lead on this matter and is dealing directly with DOT on behalf of the industry. Hear an update on the issue straight from Washington D.C. How are we engaging with other interested groups A4A, IATA and the MPAA? How will this affect you?

Localizing the Airline Passenger Experience
Looking at the projections for aviation market development in the period 2012-2016, the emerging economy of Asia-Pacific is one that will see strong passenger growth, 380 million passengers!  This session will take a close look at how airlines tap into this massive market, offer superior products and services targeted for the region and ultimately exceling their passengers’ experience. 

Branding & Design
This session will improve your understanding of the links between brand, yield and loyalty among airlines in Asia-Pacific. Delegates will examine the challenges of delivering a brand that matches passenger experience expectations. 

Survey Says! - Passenger Insights 
What is the deciding factor in flight purchase? What additional items or services are purchased in addition to the ticket? How much time do you spend on other activities such as reading, using connectivity for social and business reasons, eating, sleeping, etc.? APEX consumer research shares the facts on these questions and more covering a range of demographics. 

Connected Aircraft & Tracking
In 2014, virtually everyone – and increasingly everything – is connected. There are a number of potential options for tracking missing aircraft - from flight data recorders that could disengage from the aircraft in the event of an emergency and float on water to real-time flight data streaming to improved surveillance via satellites. What next steps should be considered by the industry, and why?

Content for the Region: Acquisition Strategies 
As regional content is becoming more important for airlines in Asia, as well as other international carriers wanting to satisfy their Asian passengers, what makes Asian content unique?  What differentiates the local content by country and how best to appeal to each passenger demographic?  What new prospects exist for the airlines?  What challenges are Asian distributors facing?  Hear from leading distributors and airlines about the potential issues and opportunities.  

Connectivity Solutions Tailored for the Region 
Airlines thoroughly evaluate connectivity as a large player in their overall strategy. What are the limitations in the region? How do barriers affect strategy? How are passengers connecting and how often are they doing so? What hurdles need to be jumped to assure access? Hear from the players themselves - the leaders in the industry will further answer these and other questions.  


For exhibit or sponsorship information, contact: Michael Greskiewicz (michaelg@kellencompany.com)

For general meeting inquiries in China, contact:  Jean Xu (jxu@kellencompany.com).

We look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting event! 



继成功举办2014亚洲区学术会议后,APEX 将举办2014亚洲区学术会议,并将为您带来更多期待! 


为什么参加APEX 2014香港亚洲区学术会议

  • 为期两天的会议将涵盖业内趋势、战略及新技术等话题
  • 业内顶尖专家共同探讨IFE、餐饮、机上网络连接以及更多时下关注的其它话题
  • 有价值的行业构想、行业信息及最佳行业实践等的信息交流
  • 与来自全球范围的航空公司会员和供应商会员进行深入交流的机会 

主旨演讲 – 超越预期,提升旅客体验

















调查指出!- 旅客分析





2014年,几乎每一个人甚至每件事都是相连接的。追踪消失的飞机,有很多潜在的选择 – 从紧急状况下可以脱离飞机并漂浮在水上的飞行数据记录器,到实时飞行数据流,再到卫星监测。行业应该考虑的下一步是什么?为什么?


APEX学术委员会正致力于会议日程的工作当中。如果您想参与演讲或有推荐的话题,请与Lauren Beneri联系,邮箱:lbeneri@kellencompany.com
展览及赞助事宜,请联系Michael Greskiewicz: michaelg@kellencompany.com 
中国区会议信息咨询,请联系Jean Xu:jxu@kellencompany.com
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