Industry News

New Technologies Aim to Put Jet Lag to Rest

APEX Insight: From light therapy glasses and pulsing light masks to British Airways’ “digital pill” and Global Eagle Entertainment’s Airhealth app, new technologies are arming passengers with innovative ways to fight jet lag. Many leisure and business trips begin with jet… Read more

in-flight Wi-Fi

Routehappy Report Shows In-Flight Connectivity Progress

APEX Insight: Routehappy today released its 2017 Wi-Fi report, which shows the progress airlines have made in offering Internet access to their passengers. While in-flight connectivity is not yet globally pervasive, the data presented in the report reveals a trend toward an increase in both… Read more

Designing PaxEx in an Age of Digital Disruption

APEX Insight: Holistic design encapsulates a number of hardware and software elements that define and enhance the passenger experience. In this series, we share insights from the industry’s top designers about these elements and discover how they can complement and… Read more