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APEX Media Spotlight: United Airlines Passenger Removal Incident

APEX Insight: APEX Media Spotlight gathers different perspectives on a passenger experience announcement, product launch or issue from top industry sources. In this installment, we’ve scoured the media for reactions to United Airlines’ decision to forcibly remove a passenger from… Read more

A New Way of Measuring Football’s High-Flying Superstars?

APEX Insight: Football instills fervor among fans, particularly when they opine how good a particular footballer is. Variables to determine the best player may include goals, assists, tackles, interceptions and blocks. Online travel agency has devised a new method of determining football’s high… Read more

APEX Media Spotlight: Qatar Airways’ Business-Class QSuite

APEX Insight: APEX Media Spotlight focuses on passenger experience announcements, launches and issues while providing different perspectives from top industry sources. In this installment, we highlight the media’s reactions to Qatar Airways’ QSuite. Billed as “The World’s Leading Travel Trade Show,” ITB… Read more

Closing Skies? Airlines in an Age of Protectionism

APEX Insight: Britain’s vote to leave the European Union and policies set by the Trump administration are putting globalization at risk. With protectionism on the rise, what does the future bode for the aviation industry, which both enables and depends on globalization? Britain’s vote to… Read more

Airlines Go Nose-to-Nose in Run-Up to Super Bowl

APEX Insight: In anticipation of the 51st Super Bowl this Sunday, several US carriers have made last-minute additions to their flight schedules so that eager football fans can see the New England Patriots go head-to-head with the Atlanta Falcons in Houston. For fans who will… Read more