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The Millennial Business Traveler

APEX Insight: Business travelers have long formed the bedrock of premium air travel, but what happens when their habits change? Social scientists coined the term “generation gap” in the 1960s; little did they know that ideological rifts would become even… Read more


Airports Vie for Millennial Vote of Confidence

APEX Insight: Airlines are racing to ensure that they have the brand power and bandwidth to accommodate the needs and preferences of millennials – and they aren’t alone. As millennials overtake Baby Boomers and Generation Xers in business and leisure… Read more

Airlines Bunk Up With Airbnb to Appeal to Key Demographics

APEX Insight: Last week, Airbnb launched a platform that moves beyond accommodations into Experiences, Places and Homes, with plans to eventually make inroads into flights and other services. But Airbnb Trips isn’t the home-sharing platform’s first foray into the air… Read more

Watch This Space: Arconics Introduces Smartwatch App

APEX Insight: Can flight attendant wearables eliminate points of friction in the passenger journey? Having recently expanded its Wi-Fi-enabled cabin management application to smartwatches, Arconics seems to think so. Service at your fingertips? Well, almost. Aircraft software company Arconics is now… Read more