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New Technologies Aim to Put Jet Lag to Rest

3oi9xlrAPEX Insight: From light therapy glasses and pulsing light masks to British Airways’ “digital pill” and Global Eagle Entertainment’s Airhealth app, new technologies are arming passengers with innovative ways to fight jet lag. Many leisure and business trips begin with jet… Read more

Beyond Basic: Lounges for Economy Travelers

3oi9xlrAPEX Insight: For most, economy-class travel means less legroom and fewer frills, but a few airlines are moving in the opposite direction. Since it began flying in 2006, Porter Airlines, which offers short-haul flights in parts of North America, has been… Read more

Baggage’s Baggage: From Checked Bag Fees to RFID Tracking

3oi9xlrAPEX Insight: Carry-on luggage has long been a challenge to creating a smooth airline passenger experience. But innovators are moving in to lighten the industry burden. Every airline passenger experience comes with baggage, literally and allegorically. No matter the packing persona… Read more