British Airways


Panasonic’s Acquisition of ITC Stirs up the IFC Market

Panasonic announced this morning that it will be acquiring ITC Global for its aviation branch, Panasonic Avionics, in hopes of becoming a new leader in global satellite services that would respond to the growing demand for efficient, reliable in-flight communications and increased… Read more


Attendant Devices

This article originally appeared in The Technology Issue of APEX Experience. It looks like Star Trek got it right, again. Long before we had tablet computers, the crew of the Enterprise “D” could be seen running to Captain Picard with devices that looked suspiciously… Read more

Love is in the Air This Valentine’s Day

With Groundhog Day behind us and St Patrick’s Day ahead, it makes sense to celebrate a cheesy holiday in February. Valentine’s Day puts love, roses and chocolates in the minds of some while others grimace and wait for it to… Read more

Streaming in the Air

This article originally appeared in The Education Issue of APEX Experience. Binge-watching began with the invention of DVD box sets more than a decade ago, and gained popularity as a natural result of DVR and on-demand services. Now, inexpensive streaming networks like Netflix and… Read more

Airplane Name Game

What’s in an airplane name? Branding, creativity and popular opinion, turns out. We explore how the different names for aircraft and airliners are chosen. For more, read Cameron Watt’s “An Airplane Named Desire” in The Education Issue.  MAIDEN VOYAGEURS All… Read more

Major Airlines Celebrated Some Big Birthdays in 2014

KLM celebrates 95 years. Image via World Airline News Aviation is aging beautifully! In addition to the 100th anniversary of the first commercial flight taking place this year, 2014 saw some big milestones for a number of airlines. Over and above… Read more

The Top 10 Social Airlines of 2014

In 2013 it was reported that airlines were the most social industry on the internet and there was no slowing down in 2014. Many airlines are fully engaged in social media, promoting contests and specials, cracking jokes and providing useful… Read more

Striking the Right Chords with Passengers

Photo: Southwest Airlines With the abundance of new on-screen in-flight entertainment technology emerging, sometimes good old fashioned music gets left looking second best. While watching a blockbuster Hollywood movie on a high-definition screen is certainly nothing short of an experience, sometimes… Read more