I Want My Live TV!

The “I Want My Live TV!” Education Day session at APEX MultiMedia Market in Prague brought together an expert panel to discuss how live TV is made available on aircraft, the technological challenges of providing this type of content, and also outlined best… Read more


GEE Launches Bundled IFEC Solution AIR Series

Global Eagle Entertainment (GEE) announced Wednesday that it is launching a series of branded products and services to expand its current areas of business in connectivity, digital media, content services, and operations data. This news comes two months after the… Read more

APEX ASIA: Content and Acquisition for the Region

The first panel discussion of the APEX Asia Regional Conference brought together leading IFE specialists to discuss the booming Asian content industry, the trends and challenges unique to various Asian audiences, and the opportunities that lie ahead for local distributors…. Read more

Spafax to Open “The Hub” Lab in Hollywood

  Spafax announced on Monday that they will be moving their content production team from their current offices in Orange, California to a new, best-in-class HD post-production lab in Hollywood to better serve their global content delivery needs for the… Read more

AIX in Conversation: Jorg Schiffman, IFE Services

Jörg Schiffman Commercial Director IFE Services After talking with Jörg, we’re happy to see that the industry in general is starting to think about wireless solutions from a passenger’s perspective and looking into software solutions for airlines. He also brings… Read more