The APEX Daily Experience: Annotated

If you’re subscribed to our print magazine, APEX Experience, then the APEX Daily Experience should look familiar. We’ve incorporated the same typefaces and color coding for seamless branding throughout our magazine, website and now, newsletter. Check out the features below or subscribe now to experience the Daily for yourself.

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➊ Color-coding: Colored bars associate headlines with the passenger experience building blocks:
Grey – Industry News  | Purple – Comfort & Ambience | Red – Entertainment & Connectivity | Green – Catering & Services | Blue – Association News

➋ Insights: Delivers key story points and the gist of the news in 40 words or so, while underscoring the most relevant facts for our members.

➌ Source: Links back to the original news article. Related Reading: A related news story or article that provides context for the main headline.

➍ Social Share Links: Share APEX stories in a click, through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and good old-fashioned e-mail.

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➎ Photo of the Day: Visually-stunning images that capture the beauty of aviation and the passenger experience.

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➏ Tweet of the Day: Meaningful, amusing and pertinent tweets from our members and other industry leaders.
➐ Association News: Announcements regarding association events, EXPO, elections and more, delivered straight from the mouth of APEX.

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➑ Featured Editorial: In-depth articles from APEX Experience you might have missed or want to re-read for your own pleasure.
➒ Jobs: A listing of current employment opportunities available at APEX member companies.
➓ Quote of the Day: Memorable quotes from the famous and less-famous, including our very own, APEX members.


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