APEX Insight: APEX Media caught up with Greg Apple of HelloGbye to hear about his company’s smartphone travel app launching early next year. The premise is an ambitious one –  creating an app to transform even the most complicated travel itineraries into a simple and easy to understand step-by-step process. The technology will use SIRI-style voice commands and mapping services to allow users to organize travel arrangements with friends, colleagues and family.

There’s a nifty new travel app on the horizon that combines voice tools with mapping technology, allowing users to coordinate travel arrangements with colleagues, friends and family.

HelloGbye, scheduled to be launched at the beginning of 2016, gives travelers the same data and pricing information as traditional sites, but also layers in users’ personal information to match preferred itineraries. Importantly, it also mimics aspects of the iPhone’s famous SIRI voice technology to guide the experience. 

APEX Media interviewed Greg Apple, an executive with HelloGbye, and learned the company’s biggest snafu has been providing accurate location data with voice commands.

“Location data is something that’s really important when a traveler is searching for information,” he said. For instance, if someone is arriving at New York’s LaGuardia and speaks a command such as: “I want to stay at a five-star hotel near Central Park” – that technology is crucial.

Hear what Greg Apple has to say on how HelloGbye could benefit member companies of APEX.

Apple said the company has struck a partnership with Google to ensure users will have access to that data. 

One of the catchiest things about the app, of course, is its name. A play on The Beatles’ famous song, “Hello Goodbye,” Apple said legal licensing issues are non-existent because the app’s name is a wide variation on that. Licensing rights would be a problem, he said, only if the app somehow embedded the actual song or used it for marketing, but there are no plans to do so.