Frankfurt Airport Silent Chairs

“Silent Chairs” at FRA. Image via Frankfurt Airport.

APEX Insight: Air travel can be draining, but airports and airlines are finding clever ways to give passengers a quiet place to rest, recharge their batteries and escape stress. From yoga rooms open around the clock to Frankfurt’s pod-like “silent chairs,” passengers can rest easy knowing they have options to unwind in transit or in flight.

Frankfurt Airport has introduced arch-shaped “silent chairs” which create a quiet zone around the user, reducing ambient noise. Passengers can play their own music through the chairs’ speakers and power electronic devices through integrated power sockets.

Kansai International Airport in Japan offers a variety of relaxation and spa options for passengers. They can lay back and watch the clouds go by, or lay down for a full body massage.

Hong Kong International Airport offers a relaxation corner with cozy lounge chairs, free Wi-Fi and also massage services at specialized spas.

Munich Airport offers Napcab sleeping cabins in Terminal 2, which include comfortable beds, music, TVs and adjustable lighting. For those who feel more relaxed after they’ve caught up with work, these cabins include a small desk and free Wi-Fi.

Helsinki Airport offers GoSleep pods where passengers can cocoon for a few Z’s in absolute privacy. The airport also features an “everyman’s lounge” called Kainuu, which is free to all and open 24/7. There, passengers will find ergonomic chairs, soft carpets and even a book exchange.

Seoul Incheon International offers spa services, private sleeping rooms, indoor gardens, a golf course to chill out on the green and an indoor ice skating rink for those who unwind best while spinning figure eights.

Singapore’s Changi Airport also gives passengers plenty of zones for zen including rest areas, a rainforest lounge, enchanted gardens, butterfly gardens, various spa services and even a pool.


Frankfurt Airport recently opened yoga rooms in T1 and T2. The rooms are free of charge and open 24/7. Image via Frankfurt Airport.

Besides peace and tranquility on “silent chairs,” Frankfurt Airport offers passengers somewhere to align their chakras. The airport has opened two yoga rooms.

For more shanti ooohmmm-the-go, passengers can visit Yoga rooms at Chicago O’Hare, Dallas-Fort Worth and Burlington International in Vermont. At San Francisco International, two yoga rooms open around the clock let passengers salute the sun, even at midnight.

At John F. Kennedy International Airport, JetBlue recently introduced Yoga classes at its Terminal 5 Marketplace, led by New York City yoga instructors. The airline offers other relaxing options in T5, including a rooftop lounge open to dogs and a curb-side farm growing healthy greens.

For passengers whose schedules are already stretched to their limits at the airport, SkyTeam offers onboard asanas for in-flight entertainment nirvana. Delta Air Lines has also introduced “OMG. I Can Meditate!” focus sessions to Delta Studio. Meditations include “Relaxing in the Clouds,” “Blanket of Love” and “Dealing with Anxiety.”

No need to arrive all Tiffany-Twisted at your hotel in California, or elsewhere.