Image: Marcelo Cáceres

APEX Insight: As this year’s APEX EXPO, taking place in Singapore from October 24 to 27, fast approaches, APEX Media asks attendees to share their anticipated event highlights, their favored industry trends and their Singapore tips.

As the vice-president of Airlines for SmartSky Networks, Mary Rogozinski draws on her 30 years of experience in the passenger experience industry to strengthen SmartSky’s position in the in-flight connectivity market. Mary has also served as president and member of the APEX Board of Directors, and will be in attendance at this year’s APEX EXPO in Singapore, where SmartSky will be sponsoring the APEX EXPO Networking event on October 26.


Why is APEX EXPO a must-attend event?

EXPO is a must-attend event because it enables both airline and vendor representatives to meet, learn about the latest innovations and conduct business with a multitude of companies representing the airline passenger experience. It is the only event of its nature that includes not only technology and hardware companies, but also all of the top content distributors. It’s a one-stop shop for airline representatives looking to enhance the passenger experience for their airline.

What top aviation industry trends have you been following?

The innovation I’ve been following the closest is connectivity. Gogo was hands down the leader in this area, but there are now many new offerings, including my own company SmartSky Networks. The new products offer far greater bandwidth to and from the aircraft. In addition to offering a far better passenger experience, some of the companies, such as SmartSky, have networks that can support significant operational applications that can save airlines millions of dollars, especially when taking advantage of a large data pipe/return link from the aircraft. I think we will be hearing a lot about operational applications at the show and in the future.

What do you look forward to most at EXPO?

Anyone who knows me well knows that I greatly value the friends and relationships I have developed over the years through APEX and WAEA. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I look forward to seeing them, and APEX EXPO is the one place where you can be pretty sure you’ll see everyone. Second, I get energized by learning about all of the new products and innovations being presented at the show. My days are usually packed with meetings, but I greatly enjoy finding a little time to walk the showroom floor and learn more about all of the new products.

The Singapore EXPO will be a first for SmartSky. In my role as VP of Airlines, I will be introducing our system and its capabilities for the first time to many airlines and potential partners. Plus, I will be holding follow-up meetings with many airlines and companies already familiar with our network. It will be a great opportunity to share information about our new system and innovations, plus continue to make new relationships and build on current relationships.

“It is the only event of its nature that includes not only technology and hardware companies, but also all of the top content distributors.”

What has been your most memorable EXPO moment?

Being in Brisbane at the WAEA EXPO on 9/11. As horrible as the event was, if I couldn’t be home with family to watch and mourn, it was nice being with friends and colleagues from the industry. I worked for United Airlines at the time and people literally and figuratively embraced me and took care of me as we learned more and processed the impact of the events.

Otherwise, so many shows stand out. My first show was in Orlando. I had worked in IFE for several years but it was my first show and it was a little overwhelming, but I loved it. What a great learning experience. The following year we were in Durban, South Africa. By this show, I was more comfortable with the event and it was extremely productive. Though it was far from home and our team was small, we were able to be nimble and do everything we needed to get done. Plus the event and location were wonderful.

Your Singapore tip?

I have never been to Singapore and I’m hoping I can find a little time to see the city. I hear it’s a beautiful and clean city, and that the night street markets are a must-see.