PXCom Cyril Jean

PXCom CEO Cyril Jean on the Marina Bay Sands rooftop at APEX EXPO 2016 in Singapore. Image: Lim Kok Wee

APEX Insight: In-flight entertainment provider PXCom is the winner of this year’s APEX Cool Award, a peer-selected accolade that recognizes APEX EXPO exhibitors for showcasing remarkable innovations.

PXCom is the recipient of this year’s APEX Cool Award, a peer-selected accolade that recognizes exhibitors for showcasing remarkable innovations. In addition to its seatback- and wireless in-flight entertainment-compatible interactive destination guides, which are currently available on nearly 200 aircraft, PXCom also offers a digital in-flight ad-serving solution. AirSAS provides airlines with a comprehensive ancillary revenue-generating platform that facilitates everything from advertiser sourcing to campaign monitoring to reporting.


PXCom’s booth at APEX EXPO 2016. Image: Lim Kok Wee

In August, Eurowings launched PXCom and ArrivalGuides’ customized destination guides on its wIFE system. Earlier this week, PXCom announced a partnership with Chinese travel website Bamboo Compass. Runner-up for the award was Images in Motion. Formia, IMG Media and Stellar Entertainment placed in a three-way tie for third.