A still from Heathrow Airport's "Coming Home for Christmas" video.

A still from Heathrow Airport’s “Coming Home for Christmas” video.

APEX Insight: From Christmas miracles to new takes on caroling classics, airlines around the world are tugging at passengers’ heartstrings with festive video ads.

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without some tearjerker advertisements highlighting the softer side of the season. Airline ads in particular pull at the heartstrings, as many families spend the holidays apart and others make the journey to see their loved ones.

American Airlines thanks passengers in the following ad for a great year and reminds them that “the greatest gifts don’t always fit in little packages.”

Meanwhile, Finnair‘s video shows loved ones being reunited, encouraging travelers to “find your way to Christmas.”

West Jet‘s annual emotional holiday video shows footage from a celebration it hosted for residents of the small Canadian town of Fort McMurray, who were devastated by a wildfire earlier this year.

Iberia Airline shows us a grandfather sharing tales of adventure with his grandchildren, with whom he shares the message, “traveling is one gift you’ll never forget.”

Air New Zealand‘s holiday video, which received 3.6 million hits on its first day online, highlights New Zealand as a “Summer Wonderland” with the help of boy band favorite Ronan Keating and Kiwi child actor Julian Dennison humorously rewriting a classic Christmas carol to suit the holiday season down under.

Heathrow Airport‘s ad, perhaps the most talked about of the holiday season, features two Paddington-esque teddy bears heading home for the holidays. Its message – “coming home, the best gift of all” – highlights how a family reunion in an arrivals lounge is better than any stocking stuffer around.

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