Geven ESSENZA seat

Geven’s ESSENZA seat features a quick release middle seat table option to create a business-class cabin. Image via Geven

APEX Insight: Flynas’ A320neo fleet will be the first to fly with Geven’s ESSENZA economy-class seat, which designed to maximize shin and knee clearance while reducing the overall weight of the unit.

Italian seat manufacturer Geven has secured a launch customer for its ESSENZA economy-class seating product. The seats will fly on board Saudi Arabian low-cost carrier Flynas, beginning with the carrier’s A320neo deliveries in Q3 2018. Flynas plans to take delivery of 60 A320neo aircraft, equipped with the seats, by 2026 and the airline has options for 20 more frames from Airbus.

Flynas’ new A320neo fleet represents the next step in the carrier’s growth in the Middle East. Bander Al-Mohanna, Flynas’ CEO, believes the selection of Geven as the seating supplier furthers the company’s “endless effort to constantly improve our service to passengers and enhance the confidence of our passengers that we are developing every day.” The A320neo aircraft will feature 174 seats and help to “further contribute to consolidating Flynas position as a leading airline in the Middle East region with a stylish, comfortable and modern air service,” according to Al-Mohanna.

Geven ESSENZA seat

Image via Geven

The ESSENZA seating line features 18.3 inches between the armrests, according to the manufacturer. It comes in both a “pre-reclined” version for high density layouts and a reclinable model that offers up to 6 inches of range. The seat is designed to maximize shin and knee clearance while reducing the overall weight of the unit. Airline customers also have options for several aspects of the fitting, including USB or AC power, mobile phone/tablet holders for entertainment, different headrests and even a quick-release middle seat table option to create a business-class cabin. The Flynas implementation will include four rows of this convertible premium seating option.

Flynas’s selection of Geven is a great vote of confidence in the seat manufacturer’s new product line. As Alberto Veneruso, managing director of Geven, notes, “The trust and confidence towards Geven and in its latest born seat, the ESSENZA, confirms the exceptional high quality design and engineering development work carried-out and represents a seal-of-approval on the quality of our products from such an important airline in the aviation industry.”

The Geven product line will also appear on the 11 of the existing A320ceo aircraft in the Flynas fleet. These aircraft will receive the PIUMA EVO model from Geven. The retrofit program began in Q4 2017 and will extend through the winter months.