Lufthansa FlyingLab

Lufthansa flight attendant Nicole Thompson demonstrates how smart glasses could be used in flight to take passengers’ food and beverage orders. Image: Kristina Velan

APEX Insight: Lufthansa looks to redefine the future airline passenger experience with the seventh edition of its FlyingLab.

The finalists of the Telekom Fashion Fusion & Lufthansa FlyingLab challenge were at CES yesterday to demonstrate their prototypes. Among the tech innovations were a smart chair that includes a privacy cocoon with integrated display, a blanket with three separate heating zones and a vibration alarm clock, slippers with sensors that allow passengers to play video games with their feet to reduce the risk of thrombosis and smart glasses that can be used by flight attendants to take passengers’ food and beverage orders.

The prototypes were also tested on board Lufthansa’s seventh FlyingLab, which took place on a flight from Frankfurt to Houston on Monday. “As a premium carrier, we need to redefine the experience of flying in the future,” said Torsten Wingenter, senior director of Digital Innovations, Lufthansa Group. “This can’t be just getting people from A to B in a comfortable way, this must be more.”