United Polaris Saks Fifth Avenue

Image: Liz Kryshak

APEX Insight: Saks Fifth Avenue today unveiled a United Polaris-inspired storefront window display. The scene depicts a re-creation of the airline’s new business-class experience, which launched this past December, and includes custom bedding provided by Saks Fifth Avenue.

Saks Fifth Avenue has a surprise in store for shoppers at its flagship location in New York City: From today until January 20, the storefront window display will feature a United Polaris-inspired scene. The display consists of an aircraft replica and a re-creation of United Airline’s new business-class experience, which launched this past December and includes custom bedding provided by Saks Fifth Avenue.

“We designed these windows to give passersby the feeling that they are actually walking through the luxurious United Polaris cabin,” said Mark Briggs, executive vice-president, Creative, Saks Fifth Avenue. “The attention to detail throughout the installation is impressive, from the real United Polaris seats and Saks bedding to the United flight attendant uniforms.”

Before and during the creation of Polaris, United conducted over 12,000 hours of research. The information gathered revealed that catching some good quality shut-eye is the single most important priority for international business-class travelers, so the airline focused on creating a sleep-enhancing experience. “High-quality pillows and bedding are crucial to a good night’s sleep, which is why we turned to luxury department store, Saks Fifth Avenue,” said Mark Krolick, vice-president, Marketing at United. “Through our relationship with Saks, our passengers now have access to luxury, custom linens, pillows and blankets to help them relax and get the rest they need.” The luxury bedding will contribute to passengers’ comfort when sleeping in the Polaris fully lie-flat seats with 6-foot-6-inch bed space, which are set to debut in flight in February.

Kristina is digital editor of APEX Media. Plane and simple.