Steve Bannon whiteboard photo leak

Image via @RabbiShmuley

The Internet is in a flurry over a series of innocently Tweeted photos taken inside the office of President Donald Trump’s chief strategist, Steven Bannon.

According to CNN, the images posted by television personality, author and Orthodox rabbi Shmuley Boteach provide the first actual glimpse inside the fabled “hive mind” office where Bannon works. A whiteboard shown in the background of the images outlines a litany of projects and policies that the Trump administration is currently pushing through.

Interestingly for those in aviation, biometric entry and exit visas are quite high on the list, occupying a central space on the board. Though surrounded by hot button issues, like the building of walls and other tough immigration enforcement measures, the appearance of biometric visa programs on the board could have a bright side. 

Commenting exclusively on the biometric visa note in the image, APEX CEO Joe Leader suggested that the administration’s desire to push through biometric visa requirements could lead to quicker implementation of security and passenger experience improvements at airports that are being driven by the same technologies.

“It’s enlightening to see the high priority the administration has placed on US biometric entry and exit,” said Leader. “The program was approved during the Obama administration, but never enacted. When the President’s chief strategist has ‘finally complete the biometric entry/exit’ on his whiteboard of top priorities, the airline industry should take note. The US does not have an exit ‘border’ inside the airport like most countries and this adds an additional layer of security.”

Next week at Aviation Festival Americas, Leader will host a workshop (developed in collaboration with US Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Homeland Security) about how biometrics can improve air travel processes, alleviate pain points and ultimately keep airline passengers and industry stakeholders more secure. 

“In the future, APEX envisions biometrics alone enabling airport access,” adds Leader. “Biometrics could eliminate the need for the physical or electronic boarding pass in the years ahead.”

Director of APEX Media, Maryann has been covering the airline passenger experience industry for nearly a decade. During that time, she has served as an editor, writer, sales rep, project manager and PR consultant in the #PaxEx space.