Image: Courtesy of KIDZinflight

APEX Insight: KIDZinflight, a Denmark-based company that specializes in in-flight activity kits for kids, finds that keeping children entertained on board is an opportunity for airlines to build loyalty and create a positive passenger experience for everyone.

According to a survey commissioned by KIDZinflight, keeping kids entertained on board means a pleasant flight for everyone. Its research found that providing children with activity kits, which include puzzles, games and sticker sets, is a good strategy for airlines.

Children are the only passenger group who have maximum influence on the cabin environment,” says Charlotte Gade, head of Consulting and Concept Development for KIDZinflight, a Denmark-based company that works with Scandinavian Airlines, SWISS, Emirates, Finnair, Icelandair, Royal Jordanian and others. “Having focus on families by keeping children well-entertained with onboard activities gives an instant cabin-friendly environment and enhances the passenger experience for all passengers.”

Thirty percent of cabin crew do not have the tools to keep kids entertained, even though 89 percent would like to hand out activities.

The survey, which was conducted by Friisbee, Bidstrup & Co. in January with 100 respondents from 21 airlines, found that kids who were kept busy with a coloring book or a puzzle on a flight, had a positive impact on 86 percent of passengers on board. “Children on board are a fantastic marketing opportunity to make all passengers loyal to an airline,” Gade says.

The survey also mentions that cabin crew are seeing an increase in children traveling by airplane, however 30 percent find they do not have the tools to keep them entertained, even though 89 percent would like to hand out activities – a gap KIDZinflight thinks would be beneficial for airlines to fill.

Emirates, who sees four million children on its flights every year, provides some insight into catering to kids: “We know how challenging it can be for parents to keep their children occupied and happy on flights, so we have ensured that every aspect of the travel experience is catered for,” said Hendrik Du Preez, country manager of Emirates Ghana, at an event promoting programming for children in its in-flight entertainment system.

Families may not be the biggest spenders when it comes to air travel, but with an estimated 60 million millennials expected to become mothers and fathers in the next decade, families are expected to be one of the largest passenger segments in the industry.

Caroline is managing editor at APEX Media.