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APEX Insight: The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has awarded FTS Technologies with a supplemental type certificate (STC) for Xstream on Airbus A320 series aircraft. The in-flight Wi-Fi streaming system can now be installed and officially activated on launch customer Myanmar Airways International’s three Airbus A319s.

FTS Technologies has reached a major milestone with its announcement of a supplemental type certificate (STC) for its Xstream in-flight Wi-Fi streaming system for the Airbus A320 series of jetliners.

The STC was granted by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), after hardware qualification trials on board a Myanmar Airways International Airbus A319. With the STC now in place, the Xstream system can be installed and officially activated on launch customer Myanmar’s three Airbus A319s.

Xstream is the first step in FTS’ product family, described by the company as a “next generation inflight wireless entertainment and connectivity system.” It features equipment that’s designed and manufactured in house by FTS: an embedded file server, two wireless access points that support the latest Wi-Fi standard and a cellular modem.

“This first certification is really important since it serves to get the STC package prepared, and gives us a solid base of documentation and safety testing for future STCs,” explained Rich Salter, chief technical officer, FTS. “Since our customer airlines will have different aircraft types, the certification process will be a little different for each type, but a lot will be in common with the first one. This first STC will give more confidence to other potential airline customers to take on FTS’ new system.”

“Xstream is the first of many products that you’ll see rolling out over the next few months.” – Rich Salter, FTS

This fall, FTS is expecting to launch Xstream in North America on Canadian airline First Air’s four Boeing 737-400s, once an STC for that aircraft type is approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration.

“Xstream is the first of many products that you’ll see rolling out over the next few months, ranging from our ‘Flight Butler’ smartwatch app for flight attendants, to satellite connectivity interfaces for Ku- and Ka-band systems,” added Salter.

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