Samples of STG Aerospace’s saf-Tglo photoluminescent floor-path marking. Image: Maxim Sergienko

APEX Insight: STG Aerospace understands that an effective team is more than the sum of its parts. The company has sourced expert talent to lead its various divisions in an effort to maximize research and development opportunities.

STG Aerospace has given its team a boost with the introduction of Grant Bennett as chief operating officer and Caroline Easton as senior marketing manager, better positioning the company to meet future demand for its product range.

As COO, Bennett will have responsibility of STG Aerospace’s operations and engineering functions as well as the supply chain team. Easton will work on advancing the company’s global market position in LED and photoluminescent lighting.

“I am passionate about the positive impacts light can have on people, from enhancing experiences, changing moods and creating theatre to performing essential functions,” comments Easton, who comes from a commercial retail LED lighting background.

It’s these positive impacts which Nigel Duncan, CEO of STG Aerospace, says are central to the company’s cabin lighting product development philosophy.

STG has looked into both the physiological and psychological effects lighting can have on airline passengers at its Innovation and Engineering Centre in Cwmbran – a part of Wales which the company claims is fast becoming a dynamic aerospace hub. One particular aspect of research STG is interested in is how color affects a potential retail environment.

The company’s forward-thinking attitude led to STG winning the Best Cabin Innovation category at the APEX Awards in 2016 for it’s blue-glowing photoluminescent floor-path marking system. Originally offered in green, STG Aerospace later introduced the product in blue because it’s the most recognizable color to the human eye and the most popular color across multiple nations in terms of symbolizing things like trust and strength.

“STG Aerospace now has the right people in place in every department and I would say we have got the right team – an amazing innovative collective group.” — Grant Bennett, STG Aerospace

Nigel Howell recently joined STG Aerospace as head of Engineering, claiming he did so to “make a difference and improve the capability to rapidly deliver new products to market.” Howell is now in charge of engineering capability, resource management and the design and development of all liTeMood products.

Mark Warren, electronic design engineer, who is working as part of the team responsible for developing the LED software, added, “I am really enjoying working on products that airline passengers are actually going to benefit from.”

Bennett concludes, “STG Aerospace now has the right people in place in every department and I would say we have got the right team – an amazing innovative collective group – to take the company forward to become a dominant world leader in aircraft cabin lighting solutions.”