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The new A330neo Airspace by Airbus cabin, designed by AIM Altitude and Thompson Aero Seating. Image: Airbus

APEX Insight: Known for its high-concept cabin monuments, AIM Altitude joins forces with aircraft seating heavyweight Thompson Aero to design a cabin fit for the Airspace.

AIM Altitude and Thompson Aero Seating have collaborated on new cabin furnishings and fully lie-flat business-class seats for the A330neo Airspace by Airbus cabin. The companies designed and developed new integrated front-row furniture and seating for the A330neo Airspace cabin, which will be on display at Airbus’ full-scale mock-up center in Toulouse.

The new A330 Airspace cabin integrates aisle stowage and literature display areas into the front-row furniture. The fixtures complement the Thompson Vantage XL seats, which feature customized trim and finish and integrated in-flight entertainment.

“This project allowed us to further develop a design solution that adds aesthetic as well as functional qualities to our front-row furniture – resulting in a more seamless cabin design,” Ryan Braggins, designer at AIM Altitude, said.

AIM Altitude and Thompson Aero Seating have worked closely together in the past, but this is their first collaboration since Thompson Aero Seating joined AIM Altitude as one of AVIC’s aircraft interiors companies. AVIC acquired Thompson Aero Seating in December of last year, and the purchase was announced during the launch of AIM Altitude’s new facilities in Bournemouth, UK.