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APEX Insight: AirFi’s customer base has increased by 25% since April. The portable wireless IFE provider is riding the wave of in-flight connectivity demand, offering content that appeals to a variety of passengers, including millennials.

AirFi, which provides portable wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) solutions to airlines, has recently announced a major uptick in its client base, jumping to 40 airline partners and over 350 aircraft. That’s a 25% increase since April’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

AirFi provides non-DRM media, such as same-day TV episodes and new movie releases, across multiple languages, cultures and demographics, without need to download an app. It also offers new-to-IFE content from sources like Mashable, which produces millennial-friendly videos across a variety of trendy topics like GMOs, artificial intelligence and kombucha. “We try to diversify content beyond the usual,” AirFi CEO Job Heimerikx told APEX Media. “The majority of our customers are single aisle aircraft that fly shorter routes so this kind of content is great for people who want a quick distraction.”

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With over six million passengers served, AirFi Box has so far delivered nearly six million cumulative flying hours of wireless connectivity. The latest version of AirFi Box is a simple carry-on device weighing less than two kilos, which can run for 24 hours on a single battery charge. It can be used for IFE, crew connectivity and onboard retail.

“We are seeing the breadth of successful deployments across all aircraft types,” said Heimerikx. “More new use cases for AirFi drive this remarkable interest and the sharp increase in client acquisition over recent months. Coupled with this, we’ve been busy dramatically expanding our offer, primarily through our new premium content management service.”

AirFi is also bringing the connected-cabin trend to ground level, providing connectivity solutions to bus and train operators in Europe and the Americas. The Amsterdam-based startup is funded by a Dutch-based consortium of companies including KLM. This is part of another trend: airline partnerships with startups to harness the fastest-moving aspects of the tech world.

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