Image via Air Inuit

Passengers flying on Air Inuit in northern Canada will soon enjoy streaming content on the airline’s fleet of Boeing 737s and Bombardier Dash 8s. The airline has selected the Bluebox Wow portable wireless in-flight entertainment system (IFE).

The BYOD system is housed in a lunch box-sized unit that’s stowed in an overhead locker. With a swappable rechargeable battery, each unit can provide 15 hours of streamed content to 50 passengers.

Bluebox Wow is ideally suited to Air Inuit’s fleet of flexible passenger/cargo combi 737 and Dash 8 aircraft, according to Christian Busch, vice-president of Operations and chief operating officer at Air Inuit.

Bluebox has also announced enhancements to its IFE product line, including improved battery performance of passenger devices and a new software development using Swift, Apple’s new iOS programming language.

Working closely with a major international airline and a visually impaired user group, Bluebox has added accessibility features including closed captioning, audio descriptions, and screen text and background adjustments to enhance readability and navigation.

Bluebox Wow has also been approved for late-window streaming content by five major Hollywood studios. “We’re happy that with the range of major studios approving our streaming solutions, Bluebox Wow will offer airlines a much wider choice in the video content they can offer their passengers,” said James Macrae, CTO, Bluebox Aviation Systems.