Telefonix presented its Encompass All-in-One Server to the bizav market at the NBAA Convention in Las Vegas this week. Image: Telefonix

APEX Insight: As a hardware-only supplier, Telefonix says it is offering a “rock solid” server solution, enabling content service providers to customize software, entertainment and retail offerings to the preferences of their airline customers’ passengers.

This week, at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Convention in Las Vegas, Telefonix PDT presented its portable in-flight entertainment streaming server solution to business aviation content market service providers and integrators.

Telefonix touts the Encompass All-in-One Server as the ideal solution for the business aviation market – in addition to potential regional aircraft operator customers – thanks to a robust construction, reliability and ease of deployment (no STCs required).

The company’s software agnostic, hardware-only approach differentiates its product from many other portable IFE solutions and their providers, which offer turnkey solutions to airlines. Telefonix supplies open-platform hardware that can be outfitted with any software, content mix or retail solution that a third-party content service provider may require for an aircraft operator.

“Whether the expectation is to provide top quality content or revenue generation, our hardware provides rock solid performance.” – Alan Manns, Telefonix

“In the portable IFE marketplace, the business model is key,” said Alan Manns, director of Aerospace Business Development, Telefonix. “Whether the expectation is to provide top quality content or revenue generation, our hardware provides rock solid performance that supports it all. Telefonix is unique in the portable marketplace because we are a hardware-only manufacturer that provides open architecture systems that support CSPs [content service providers] or integrators.”

The Encompass server is already being used in the commercial aviation space (being one of the portable streaming hardware solutions on offer from Inflight Dublin), where it competes with the likes of Bluebox Wow, AirFi Moon and Venus as well as Lufthansa Systems’ BoardConnect Portable IFE boxes. Encompass boasts one terabyte of SSD data storage and more than 12 hours of battery life via three, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The batteries can be charged inside the server, which can remain on board or be removed and charged in a separate charging bay.

Encompass also has an enterprise class wireless access point and an onboard cellular radio to enable data transmission of credit card transactions and data analytics in flight.

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