digEcor announced the appointment of former Panasonic CEO and president Paul Margis to its Board of Directors at FTE Asia in Singapore, today. Image: Maryann Simson

APEX Insight: digEcor is assembling a champion team and looks ready to play IFE hardball. Paul Margis joins as non-executive board director just weeks after Inmarsat alumnus Richard Denny was appointed to the company’s board.

In a surprise announcement made at Future Travel Experience (FTE) Asia in Singapore, today, digEcor revealed that it has appointed former Panasonic Avionics CEO and president Paul Margis as non-executive chairman of its board of directors. Margis, a long-time industry veteran, is well-known for leading the development of Panasonic Avionics’ global satellite-based in-flight connectivity solution, and the X Series in-flight entertainment (IFE) system, one of the most popular among global commercial airlines.

“He’s one of the founding fathers of the industry, so to have him on the team is fantastic.” – David Withers, digEcor

APEX Media caught up with digEcor CEO David Withers at FTE Asia just moments after the news was announced.

“The non-executive chairman is responsible for running the board, as opposed to running the company,” said digEcor CEO, David Withers. “He’s one of the founding fathers of the industry, so to have him on the team is fantastic. I’m very excited about working with him and having him as a mentor and a guide to help us grow and evolve.”

Margis began his tenure with Panasonic Avionics (then Matsushita Avionics) in 1992, working as a field applications engineer, then as a director, as a general manager and eventually as vice-president of Advanced Systems Engineering. After being promoted to senior vice-president and chief technology officer in 2000, he became the company’s president in 2005, and CEO, in 2006. Under his leadership, Panasonic Avionics grew into a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment and connectivity world. Throughout his career, Margis has also contributed to the successful filing of more than a dozen patents relating to innovation across IFE hardware, software, communications and telecommunications pertaining to the commercial aircraft environment and other vehicles.

In addition to leadership chops and over 30 years of combined aviation industry experience, Withers believes Margis’ extensive professional network and engineering experience will be beneficial to furthering digEcor’s “Integrated Flight Experience” suite of solutions.

“Paul has a very deep engineering background, so he will certainly help us in the product and engineering space,” said Withers. “We’ve been somewhat focused on some of the smaller and medium-sized airlines to date, so Paul will also be able open a lot of doors and get us connected with some of the bigger airlines. Having him on our board is very exciting.”