Image via SWISS

APEX Insight: SWISS is making time fly by giving passengers more options for entertainment – on the ground and in the air. A selection of 430 Swiss and international digital newspapers and magazines are now available for travelers to download in 10 of its lounges at Zurich and Geneva airports.

SWISS is delivering a broader selection of reading entertainment to travellers in its SWISS Lounges by making its Media Box content available for free download on the ground. Visitors to any one of the 10 SWISS Lounges at Zurich and Geneva airports can have their pick of 430 digital Swiss and International newspapers and magazines featured on the airline’s Media Box e-library.

SWISS introduced the Media Carrier’s Media Box e-library on board its flights earlier this year, and has tailored the range of publications available to match fare classes and frequent flyer status.

“We’re delighted that we have been able to convince our airline client SWISS with the quality we provide.” – Philipp J. Jacke, Media Carrier

“Our innovative, digital content service is increasingly in demand and appreciated by passengers, in particular discerning business travelers. We’re delighted that we have been able to convince our airline client SWISS with the quality we provide in terms of IT services and product development so that the Media Box is now also being used in other areas. This enables SWISS to offer its guests a service that creates added-value and gain a competitive edge in the sector with innovative offerings,” says Media Carrier Management’s director, Philipp J. Jacke.

Digital publications are taking off, especially as airlines work to cut costs. Some carriers, including Lufthansa and SAS, have also introduced digital media catalogs in their apps and have removed the paper and magazine racks from gates and jet bridges.

A survey of APEX members published last year and conducted by PressReader found that 70% of respondents had stopped offering print media onboard or were considering doing so in the next five years.

But while access to digital publications is appealing to many passengers, airlines may want to opt for a blend of both print and digital content. A separate study by Dawson Media Direct (DMD) found that 82% of millennial passengers spend their flight time reading, significantly higher than the 69% of Generation Xers and baby boomers who feel the same. Millennials expressed a strong preference for paper publications.

“There can often be an automatic assumption that [the younger] generation wants nothing to do with print,” said Paul Rayson, managing director at DMD. “Our survey has proven the opposite to be true.”