Image: Marcelo Cáceres

APEX Insight: Passengers are about to get a more complete preview of their air travel options as Expedia brands incorporate richer content into their search results.

Online travel giant Expedia will enrich flight shopping results for millions of consumers by expanding its agreement with Routehappy. Expedia’s travel brands, including Orbitz, trivago, and Travelocity, will integrate Routehappy Hub UPAs (Universal Product Attributes) and UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes) into its flight search results, in addition to the score and amenity information that it already displays via Routehappy Hub’s API.

Routehappy has honed in on the fact that travelers make decisions based on service as well as ticket price, and helps airlines compete on selling points such as seat size, food quality, in-flight entertainment (IFE) and Wi-Fi.  To that end, Routehappy has introduced UPAs and UTAs to bring a wide array of airline offerings into standardized formats.

Recently, New Zealand-based online travel agency Webjet found that rich content has led to significantly increased bookings, and Expedia is aiming for an uptick as well.  “Continuous innovation of our flight shopping experience is critical not only to consumers but our airline partners too,” said Greg Schulze, senior vice-president, Expedia, Inc. “Working with Routehappy makes perfect sense, as we share the same goal of helping flight shoppers search and book flights with confidence.”

“We share the same goal of helping flight shoppers search and book flights with confidence.” – Greg Schulze, Expedia, Inc.

Expedia’s goal is to make flight shopping more closely align with the hotel shopping experience, explained David Krieger, senior director at Expedia, Inc. “This might include photos, videos, and at-a-glance views of what’s included in the fare,” he told APEX Media. “We intend to roll out this enhanced capability across our brands in the near future.”

Meanwhile, passengers can currently take advantage of Routehappy’s scores and amenity data on variables such as seat, WiFi, cabin layout, in-flight entertainment and power outlets. The presence of rich content on such a large sales platform presents airlines with an opportunity to showcase their differentiators to a wider audience.

“Routehappy rich content infrastructure supports innovative airlines, distributors, and platforms across the globe that want to transform flight shopping,” said Robert Albert, Routehappy’s CEO . “The commitment Expedia is making to modernize the flight shopping experience, making it more transparent, compelling, and differentiated for both consumers and airlines is helping drive the industry forward.”