LATAM new business class

LATAM Airline Group’s new business-class seat. Image via PriestmanGoode

LATAM Airlines Group’s new cabin interiors will enter service in early 2019. Because LATAM Group’s airlines represent different countries and traditions, PriestmanGoode relied on common elements in nature to inform design choices.

LATAM Airlines Group’s upcoming cabin interiors have been unveiled by PriestmanGoode. The design studio worked with the South American airline group to reimagine its business, LATAM+ and economy cabins, which will be introduced to over 200 aircraft through a retrofit program over the next two years, and will also feature in LATAM’s new aircraft. Passengers will be able to fly the new designs starting early this year.

“Our new cabins will enable us to offer an industry-leading onboard experience with more options, flexibility and personalization to better serve each and every passenger,” said Claudia Sender, vice-president, Customers, LATAM Airlines Group. “Our premium business cabin will provide unrivaled comfort, privacy and a new service concept to enable passengers to arrive at their destinations well-rested. Our new economy cabin will offer passengers greater comfort as well as more options to upgrade services and tailor their travel experience.”

Daniel Sohi, project head, PriestmanGoode, explained how the company worked to develop the color and materials palette: “It was important to us to imbue the aircraft with a sense of place, but LATAM Airlines Group encompasses a lot of different countries and therefore different visual identities. We decided to look through commonalities in landscape as the key element that draws everything together.”

The new business class features customized Thompson lie-flat seats with direct aisle access, roll-up privacy barriers and 18-inch in-flight entertainment screens. Passengers also have a “Do Not Disturb” indicator in their seat controls for when they’d rather sleep than receive in-flight service. The designers selected luxurious materials and finishes in tan and grey tones, complemented by custom details such as a marble-effect granite for the cocktail table, which visually references the veining seen in aerial photographs of the Andes mountain chain.

LATAM+ seats

LATAM Airline Group’s new LATAM+ cabin. Image via PriestmanGoode

The LATAM+ seats, which offer passengers an economy experience with the addition of footrests, more legroom and a generous recline, are inspired by the South American coastline. Gradient blue on the dress cover reflects the shades of the ocean, while the tan headrest and the lined pattern on the seats reference sand dunes.

LATAM economy cabin

LATAM Airline Group’s new economy cabin. Image via PriestmanGoode

The economy cabin features Recaro seats with custom dress covers that blend the brand’s primary colors of deep blues to vibrant reds, evoking a sunrise or sunset. The seats offer passengers storage facilities as well as folding dining tables and cup holders.