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APEX Insight: Following the announcement of its acquisition by ATPCO, Routehappy has revealed that global distribution system (GDS) Amadeus has become the latest distributor of its airline merchandising data.

With the integration of Routehappy by ATPCO’s airline merchandising data, including Universal Product Attributes (UPAs) on platforms like Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, more travel agents will have access to this rich content. Online travel agents (OTAs) will also be able to display content directly to travelers during flight search through Amadeus Web Services.

Ludo Verheggen, head of Global Air Content Adoption Strategy at Amadeus, believes that rich content, such as that offered through Routehappy by ATPCO, plays an important role in merchandising and distribution, improving sales conversion by offering shoppers more relevant information.

“It makes it more tangible for the traveller if they can also see the service that they will be buying and they have a better understanding thanks to the description of what exactly it is that the airline is offering,” he said. “That can be pictures – because pictures speak a thousand words – but it can also be descriptions of the actual services offered through the airline.”

“Thanks to this agreement with Routehappy we will be able to add much more rich content to our existing offer.” – Ludo Verheggen, Amadeus

The integration of Routehappy by APTCO’s UPAs and UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes) on Amadeus’ retailing platforms will be relatively simple because it will complement the content integration that Amadeus already offers.

“What we’re going to do is add the rich content through our existing solution,” Verheggen explained. “So that would mean that our customers, through our web services, will be able to get access to the pictures and descriptions … and the same will apply to the travel agencies that are using our desktop solution, the Amadeus Selling Platform Connect solution. When they look for ancillary services, they will not only see the descriptions but also the pictures of the services. But thanks to this agreement with Routehappy we will be able to add much more rich content to our existing offer.”

We’re in the process of making our UTAs … available in more than 25 languages.” – Robert Albert, Routehappy by ATPCO

Robert Albert, CEO of Routehappy by ATPCO explained how the GDS integration works: “After airline UPAs are published, they are then available to authorized sales channels. Airlines distribute their UPAs on an Opt Out or Opt In basis, based on their Routehappy subscription tier and/or election. Most airlines are Opt Out, meaning UPAs are available to all subscribed sales channels, including Amadeus,” he says

Routehappy by ATPCO is working to make its rich content more accessible. “We’re in the process of making our UTAs, that display fare benefits and restrictions in easy-to-understand language in an easy-to-integrate format, available in more than 25 languages,” said Albert. “The more Routehappy rich content is in demand, the more useful we can make the content.”


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