Image: STG Aerospace

APEX Insight: How can airlines make passengers aware of whether a flight has in-flight Wi-Fi? STG Aerospace has developed a simple yet effective solution using photoluminescent and LED technology that will be retrofit across Icelandair’s Boeing 757 fleet.

Icelandair has selected STG Aerospace to upgrade its passenger service units (PSU) with switchable in-flight Wi-Fi signage. The UK-based company said it designed saf-Tsign, a PSU lens that uses photoluminescent and LED technology in response to a request from the Nordic carrier, which wanted an effective way to communicate the availability in-flight connectivity across its fleet of Boeing 757s.

STG Aerospace said the product removes the need to backlight the No Smoking sign by placing it in a central position and illuminating it with blue glowing photoluminescence.

“When Icelandair approached us, we were only too pleased to respond. By applying our commitment to innovation and our expertise in both photoluminescent and LED technologies, we were able to rapidly develop an elegant solution and, using our in-house facilities, bring a new product to market in a remarkably short space of time,” said Dr. Sean O’Kell, director of Innovation at STG Aerospace.

Sigurður Ingi Ljótsson, industrial designer at Icelandair, said that the airline’s longstanding relationship with STG Aerospace made them “a first choice for this PSU upgrade project.”

Marcus Williams, STG Aerospace’s director of Global Sales, told APEX Media during the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg that revenue generation is another factor behind the product. “If passengers know Wi-Fi is available there’s more chance they will use it and airlines can derive revenue from it,” he said.