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APEX Insight: While APEX MultiMedia Market attendees met in Paris at a sold-out exhibit hall, APEX Media was on site to ask thought leaders about in-flight entertainment trends that are shaping the industry.

American Airlines is always on the lookout for content that passengers with reduced vision or hearing can enjoy, says Kelsey Hughes, the airline’s in-flight entertainment program manager. American is also moving toward having both streaming IFE and seatback screens, to reflect to evolving consumption habits.

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According to Jailesh Raggoo, regional sales manager at Côte Ouest Audiovisuel, the African content scene is really coming up. He reports that the production quality of African programming is rapidly improving, thanks to significant investment in the entertainment industry there. The continent now has a number of “A-list” celebrities from different regions, who resonate with viewers and movie-goers. Producers are also searching farther afield for more international scripts, with that “movie magic” formula.

According to Indian content specialists, Contentino, airlines are now focusing not only on big Bollywood pictures, but are now looking at much more Indian regional content. Globally, a large Indian diaspora means that this content is also very popular for airlines in the US, UK, Canada, Southeast Asia and many other places, explains Murtuza Kagalwala, managing partner, Contentino Media. Women are also being seen more often as a protagonist in Indian storylines, and content is beginning to address a wider range of themes, which is another trend helping Indian films appeal to a broader global audience.

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