APEX Insight: Immfly, Interactive Mobility and Adaptive Channel were among the wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) providers attending APEX MultiMedia Market in Paris this week. APEX Media caught up with them to discuss recent partnerships and how their platforms enable data to be collected and used to personalize the passenger experience.

Vincent Tomasoni from wireless IFE supplier Immfly tells APEX Media how they pulled off 45 content distributor meetings over just two days at APEX Multimedia Market. He also discusses their newly announced partnership with Turkey’s Pegasus Airlines (115 aircraft) and how it’s opening up brand-new markets for them, plus the six-month trial they’ve been running with EasyJet and Immfly’s goal to extend this to a full rollout across the low-cost carrier’s network.

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Paris-based Interactive mobility was launched in 2013 and is a company comprised of top consultants, developers, designers and marketing experts. It supplies a full range of IFE solutions to airlines, from streaming servers and access points, to pre-loaded tablets and content services. Interactive Mobility is supplying IFE to Air France passengers on routes between Paris and Tel Aviv, and Paris and Amman. By the end of 2018, they say the system will roll out to over 100 aircraft.

David Fairand, co-founder and COO of Adaptive Channel, discusses the wireless in-flight entertainment provider’s strategy of focusing on digital press. The company is exploring ways of using data to track how the content is performing and also to better understand the passenger.

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