An example UPA that would be seen by customers shopping for flights. Image via Routehappy

APEX Insight: Lufthansa Group is taking advantage of Routehappy’s rich content to provide customers with multimedia information during the booking process.

Lufthansa Group (LHG) has signed a multi-year subscription deal with Routehappy, which provides integrated multimedia content to help airlines more effectively differentiate their service and fare offerings. Routehappy will create and distribute rich content for Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS via Routehappy Hub. Through this partnership, Lufthansa Group can distribute Routehappy’s Universal Product Attributes (UPAs) — which can include photos, videos and enhanced descriptions of airline services – to multiple partners in multiple languages.

“Our new partnership with Lufthansa Group will help them reveal hidden gems to flyers while shopping for flights. Lufthansa Group has some of the best product innovations in the market, including live sports TV, fast Wi-Fi and restaurant-quality food,” said Jonathan Savitch, chief commercial officer at Routehappy, which was acquired by ATPCO in February of this year.

“Our new partnership with Lufthansa Group will help them reveal hidden gems to flyers while shopping for flights.” – Jonathan Savitch, Routehappy

LHG will be able to control where its UPA content appears on third-party sites, and travelers will notice deeper information on flight options through the LHG-approved booking sites that integrate Routehappy content.

Rich content from Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, and SWISS will be live on both corporate and leisure distribution channels upon request to the Lufthansa Group. There is no exact date for when the NDC (New Distribution Capability) integration will go live, said Savitch; but LHG has the ability to switch on those UPAs across multiple distributors as of now, with more coming soon.  (The NDC Standard is an data-transmission standard launched by IATA to enhance and structure the way data is communicated between airlines and travel agents.)

“Routehappy’s innovative ability to create, manage and distribute rich content to partners means our customers will have a flight shopping experience that fully highlights Lufthansa Group’s premium in-flight experience,” said Johannes Walter, head of Distribution Global Market Management at Lufthansa Group. “Additionally, our partnership will help to further enhance our NDC API and match Routehappy rich content to offers on our preferred distribution channels.” Added Savitch, “By combining the power of rich content with the reach of NDC, Lufthansa Group is leading the European market in transforming flight shopping.”