APEX Insider: Dupsy Abiola, head of Global Innovation for IAG Group, talks to director of APEX Media Maryann Simson

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APEX Insight: In the latest episode of APEX Insider, IAG Group’s head of Global Innovation, Dupsy Abiola, explains how and why airlines should be embracing startup companies, and employees with non-traditional skillsets.

In this edition of APEX Insider, Dupsy Abiola, head of Global Innovation for IAG, talks about the mutually beneficial relationships that can be built between startup companies and legacy airlines.

She identifies the startups that are disrupting industries like transport as “outsiders” with “a fresh take on what’s possible with the newest technology,” which is something she says is being embraced by all of the brands within the IAG Group.

Abiola goes on to reveal the advice she was given by Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer and the author of Lean In,  and talks about her personal experience as a woman in the male-dominated aviation industry.

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