Bluebox Wow

Image via Bluebox Aviation Systems

APEX Insider: A slew of airlines have deployed Bluebox Wow since it made its debut on Pakistan International Airlines in February 2017.

Passengers flying with Caribbean Airlines on select routes as of August 1 will be able to stream movies, television programs, games and magazines to their own devices through a free in-flight entertainment (IFE) service called Caribbean View. The solution, powered by Bluebox Aviation Systems’ Bluebox Wow portable wireless streaming platform, will be available on the airline’s Boeing B737-800 fleet, on routes across the Caribbean and North and South America. Passengers will be able to access the content through the Bluebox Wow app, which will be branded for Caribbean Airlines.

“The wireless [IFE] service will be free.” – Garvin Medera, Caribbean Airlines’ CEO

“The wireless [IFE] service will be free … and the Bluebox Wow platform gives us the quality we want to deliver, in a flexible solution that fits our service upgrade plans,” said Garvin Medera, Caribbean Airlines’ CEO.

Bluebox Wow can store up to 1.6 terabytes of content in a lunchbox-sized unit that is easily stored in an overhead bin, and is equipped with a battery that delivers up to 15 hours of simultaneously streamed video content. “Bluebox Wow offers a powerful and flexible proposition that will ensure Caribbean Airlines can deliver a fresh and vibrant service that is extremely easy for passengers to access, two things we know are important to an engaging IFE service,” said Kevin Clark, CEO of Bluebox Aviation Systems.

The portable wireless IFE solution made its debut on Pakistan International Airlines in February 2017. Since then, a slew of airlines have deployed Bluebox Wow, including Saudi Royal Fleet, Air Inuit, Solaseed Air, Cobalt Air and Loftleidir. According to Bluebox Aviation Systems, another seven deployments are under way.