Global One Media

Global One Media’s stand at Farnborough International Airshow 2018. Image via Global One Media

APEX Insight: Global ONE Media has teamed up with ROK Vision International to create a solution that significantly lowers the cost for airlines wanting to provide travelers with in-flight entertainment for their personal electronic devices.

Global ONE Media and ROK Vision International have come up with a system that allows travelers to predownload their desired in-flight entertainment (IFE) content before a flight, while ensuring it remains DRM-protected. Global ONE Media’s CEO, Mohammed El Assaad, says this solves the testing and certification headache associated with getting wireless IFE solutions on board.

Once travelers book a flight, they receive a link to download an app that can be fully customized by the airline in terms of content, promotions and advertising, using a Graphical User Interface (GUI) developed by ROK Vision International.

When the traveler has the app, he or she can then download content to watch during the flight. However, to access the IFE content, the customer needs to activate it using a trigger predefined by the airline. El Assaad explains, “It could be a code, it could be a picture, it could be anything.”

To access the IFE content, the customer needs to activate it using a trigger predefined by the airline.

If the passenger presses play, the device’s camera will open, and only once it is pointed at the trigger will the content begin playing automatically. (During the 2018 Farnborough International Airshow, Global ONE Media used the image of the Queen on a £20 note as an example.) To ensure maximum security, the trigger can be changed wirelessly at any time.

For DRM purposes, the amount of time the content is available is limited, so if a movie is two hours long, it will only be available for that length of time after being activated. Furthermore, the content is stored locally on the servers in Global ONE Media’s new offices, which were built to the specifications set by the Motion Picture Association of America.

The solution can support both a free or paid-for model and can be used in airport lounges as well as in flight. El Assaad notes, “If the airline wants to give it to a business-class passenger on a low-cost carrier without paying a lot of money to install new equipment then it’s very cheap.”

The solution also provides a detailed profile of the passenger. “If a passenger downloads the app, I know what kind of device they have and what kind of content they’re watching. You can also include frequent flyer numbers in the sign-in, sign-out process,” El Assaad continues, hinting at opportunities for personalization.

Jan Kluth, ROK’s CCO, commented, “ROK Vision is pleased to be partnering with Global ONE to bring the ROK Vision app to a new audience and offer consumers a new way to view content, as well as providing content owners a new distribution model.”

Global ONE Media has just finished testing the solution and will be announcing its first customer soon.