APEX Insider: BBC's Aaron Heslehurst Discusses Airline Business

Image via YouTube.

APEX Insight: In the latest episode of APEX Insider, BBC World News presenter Aaron Heslehurst explains how the aviation industry is critical when it comes to maintaining a healthy global economy.

In this edition of APEX Insider, BBC World News presenter Aaron Heslehurst zones in air cargo activity, calling it “the oil that greases the wheels of the global economy.” He claims that freighters carry “6.7 trillion dollars’ worth” of goods every year, a value equivalent to “a third of all world trade.”

However, Heslehurst also acknowledges “clouds on the horizon” for commercial aviation in the form of the “threat of a trade war between the world’s two biggest economies,” China and the US. He predicts that if there are job losses, the reduction in household income will mean less people will fly.

As a self-confessed “AvGeek” who attended last week’s Farnborough Airshow, Heslehurst also explains why it’s important that both he and others provide ongoing media coverage of the industry.

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