Delta Brooklyn wall

Delta’s selfie wall. Image via Wieden + Kennedy New York

APEX Insight: Delta’s selfie wall in Brooklyn, created by Karan Singh, is designed to remind passersby that Delta flies to more destinations from New York City than any other carrier.

Last year [SimpliFlying] profiled the Delta Dating Wall. This was a campaign launched in cooperation with dating social network Tinder, where people could take their photos in front of Delta destinations such as London, Paris, Los Angeles or Moscow. The thinking (backed up by a survey) was that showing you are a world traveller will make you more attractive to a potential partner.

Delta's Dating Wall

Delta’s Dating Wall. Image via Wieden + Kennedy New York

This has now been followed up by an Instagram-worthy “selfie wall”, which is once again situated in the Williamsburg, Brooklyn area of New York. In a campaign developed by ad agency W&K, the wall features the “pilot alphabet” – e.g “Mike”, “India”, “Golf”, “Hotel”, “Tango” etc. – in a mural created by Amsterdam-based Australian artist Karan Singh.

According to Delta, “the eye-catching execution is designed to remind passersby that Delta flies to more places out of New York City than any other carrier.” The 2018 Brooklyn, NYC mural is tied to a contest encouraging customers to spell out their dream destinations using the alphabet, posting images of the letters one-by-one to an Instagram carousel with the hashtag #PilotTalkSweepstakes for a chance to win two roundtrip tickets to that destination.

Meanwhile a launch party was held at local hipster hangout Kinfolkwhere custom beer mugs and coffee cups with the Karan Singh designed letters were distributed. In the five days (at time of writing) since the mural was launched, there have been 323 tagged photos on Instagram.

Of course, the number of people who can take part in the competition are limited as you physically have to be there. But with Williamsburg / Brooklyn being a millennial- and social media-friendly district, we spotted a few “influencers” taking part.

At first we wondered whether the competition might be too complicated. After all, you have to do more than just take a photo in front of the wall, you have to spell out the destination letters in a carousel post. However, a lot of people seem to have got the idea, spelling out KEF (for Keflavik, Iceland), CPT (Cape Town) and CPH (Copenhagen) among others.

Airlines and Art 

In addition to last year’s “Tinder Wall”, Delta has in fact been involved in a number of other street art projects. Last August, artist Celyn Brazier created another Brooklyn wall project for Delta where 133 airport codes (e.g. ZRH, EDI) were drawn out.

Though not street art, in 2017 Delta cooperated with Coca-Cola to work with a group of artists in customizing the seat back tray tables on a 767. The campaign also involved the works of art being displayed at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

At the same time as Delta staged its tray table art campaign, French business-class only airline La Compagnie, was working with artist Kevin Lyons for a “flying art” gallery. Forty doodle-based characters were created and added via decals onto the windows of a NYC-bound flight.

In fact the first airline to claim to have an “art gallery in the sky” was Virgin Atlantic, which in 2013 displayed art from London-based artist Ben Eine on the Upper Class Cabin of a New York bound flight, with passengers being given the chance to buy the pieces. The artwork was also put on display at Virgin airport lounges.

Last September, Lufthansa-owned regional airline Air Dolomiti worked with artist Agostino Iacurci and #WeAreInPuglia to create a huge mural in Munich on the side of the Meinninger Hotel. The idea was to get Munich residents to “dream of Puglia” and warmer climates as the weather turned colder.

Air Dolomiti is currently working on another Munich-based street art project. This time the airline is working with art collective SBAGLIATO, to create “Italian Gateways”. Five giant doorways, windows and gates representing Bari, Venice, Florence, Bologna and Verona, are being painted on Munich walls and in public squares.

This case study was featured in SimpliFlying’s Airline Marketing Benchmark Report, which showcases the top airline branding strategies each month. Find out more here.