Lufthansa FlyingLab

Image via Lufthansa

APEX Insight: Delegates attending APEX EXPO are invited to gear up for the show during a special A350 flight from Munich to Boston, featuring a FlyingLab event organized by Lufthansa and Lufthansa Systems.

Lufthansa and Lufthansa Systems are bringing their tried and tested FlyingLab to APEX EXPO for the first time. On September 22, Lufthansa will treat guests on board Flight LH424 from Munich to Boston to an exclusive pre-conference event.

Upon arriving at the departure gate, travelers will be welcomed with drinks and canapés before boarding the Airbus A350. During the flight, passengers will be invited to live-stream six 15-minute presentations using their personal electronic devices. The talks will be given on board by various industry leaders, but to make sure people can watch from wherever they are in the aircraft cabin, Lufthansa Systems has installed an in-flight Wi-Fi network on board using its BoardConnect solution. The company plans to unveil new features of the digital platform during APEX EXPO in Boston.

“What better place to present and test new trends for passengers than in a plane?” – Dr. Joe Leader, APEX

The in-flight speaker lineup includes cofounder and CEO of Jetlite, Dr. Achim Leder, who will discuss human-centric lighting”; Anaïs Marzo, head of Aircraft Interiors Marketing at Airbus, on the A350 cabin experience; and Klaus Steinmeyer, VP Strategy, Products and Programs for Recaro, with a presentation called “Seating Experience – The Next Level”. Daniel Schultz, senior manager of In-Flight Communication, Deutsche Telekom, will offer a look into the future of in-flight communication; and Anish Chand, director of Customer Experience Star Alliance Services GmbH, will give a talk titled “Know Me… All the Way.”

During the presentations, passengers can use their devices to send questions to the speakers, which will be answered live after the presentations. Olivier Krueger, CEO of Lufthansa Systems and Dr. Joe Leader, CEO of APEX, will host the event.

Passengers will also be able to try SkyLights’ AlloSky VR headset and a functional prototype of Natalie Peters’ Feelflight blanket. The cape has an integrated silent alarm function, which wakes up the passenger with gentle impulses, and individually tempered zones which can both be controlled via a graphical interface on his or her own device. An early prototype of the Feelflight blanket was tested on board a previous Lufthansa FlyingLab at CES 2018.

“What better place to present and test new trends for passengers than in a plane?” said Dr. Joe Leader, CEO of APEX. “We are delighted to kick off our conference this year with the Lufthansa FlyingLab. In addition to exclusive presentations by renowned industry experts, we will give APEX participants and all passengers the opportunity to try out innovative products on board and discuss new trends.”