Recaro Aircraft Seating’s CL3710 economy seat. Image via Recaro

APEX Insight: Air China customers flying in economy class on routes operated by the airline’s new Airbus A350 aircraft will experience Recaro’s CL3710 seat, featuring a six-way adjustable headrest, a newly developed footrest and an articulated seat pan.

Air China’s Airbus A350 aircraft is now flying with Recaro Aircraft Seating’s CL3710 economy-class seat. The airline’s order of 2,500 CL3710 seats for 10 A350 aircraft was announced during Aircraft Interiors Expo in 2016. The Chinese flag carrier became the launch customer for the A350 in mainland China after its first flight operated by an A350 aircraft took place on August 14, from Beijing to Shanghai.

Recaro’s CL3710 economy-class seat, which has been ordered over 250,000 times worldwide, features a six-way adjustable headrest, a newly developed footrest and an articulated seat pan. While the seat is designed to maximize comfort on long-haul flights, Air China plans to test its new A350 aircraft on domestic flights before expanding to long-haul routes.

“For Air China – China’s National Flagship Carrier – it was important in the modern wide-body aircraft, the A350, to fly an equally modern economy class-seat,” said René Lux, Recaro’s vice-president of Sales, Asia-Pacific, in a press release.

“It was important…to fly an equally modern economy class-seat.” – René Lux, Recaro

Earlier this month, Air China subsidiary Shenzhen Airlines unveiled its Boeing 737 MAX cabin interior, which features Recaro’s CL5710 business-class seats and BL3530 economy-class seats. It’s the first Chinese airline to equip the its aircraft with the CL5710 seats, which feature lumbar support, an extendable leg rest and various predefined electronically adjustable seating positions. The BL3530, meanwhile, features storage and shelving space for tablets, smartphones or e-readers.

Recaro announced last week that it is planning a major expansion of its headquarters in Schwaebisch Hall.  The aircraft seat manufacturer selected a design by Stuttgart-based architects MDM and said it will invest millions into constructing new buildings and renovating existing ones, with the first phase of construction beginning in early 2019.

“MDM’s proposal fits perfectly into our property and existing buildings. The well thought-out concept is ideally designed to meet our, at times, complex requirements,” said Joachim Ley, Recaro’s executive vice-president of Supply Chain. “We were also impressed with the proposal’s excellent urban integration.”