AMI Wines and SkylogistiX to Streamline United’s Wine Program

Image via Pexels

APEX Insight: AMI Wines has joined forces with airline supply chain management specialists SkylogistiX to improve the efficiency of United Airlines’ wine program.

AMI Wines and SkylogistiX, LSG Group’s supply-chain management and logistics expert, have partnered to make United Airlines’ wine program more efficient. The two companies began working together on July 9 of this year, as a joint team based in Chicago.

In supporting AMI, which supplies wine to United, SkylogistiX is using SkyLog, a web-based supply chain management application that lets airlines optimize the purchase, storage and distribution of any products or equipment. SkyLog will be used to provide complete wine management for all United flights alongside an intuitive IT interface which will allow United’s warehouse suppliers to plan and forecast with increased accuracy.

Eric Hutlas, director of Supply Chain Management at SkylogistiX, explains, “We can utilize SkyLog to provide accurate forecasting data, taking into account the airline’s system schedule and loading requirements by comparing consumption figures versus planned numbers. SkyLog also provides visibility into what the caterer inventory has on hand, to what may be in transit to their location and to what is required for their next delivery.”

“We’ve looked for the best of the best in the industry and have chosen SkylogistiX for its logistics expertise and latest technology,” said CEO of AMI Wines Denise Poole.“Together, we can provide United Airlines with a full-service package that simplifies their wine program from beginning to end.”

United Airlines’ wines are chosen with the help of Doug Frost, one of only four people in the world qualified as both a Master Sommelier and Master of Wine. There is a selection of two different white and red wines on offer in Polaris first and business class, with champagnes and other additional wines varying by route.

SkylogistiX celebrated its ten-year anniversary in October 2017 and also specializes in tracking aircraft catering trolleys and their locations using a solution called SkyTrack.