AirlineCheckIns Trials Premium Offering Including Wi-Fi

Image via Lufthansa Group

APEX Insight: AirlineCheckins is introducing new paid-for features, including unlimited Wi-Fi access both on the ground and in the air, in a bid to become a more comprehensive travel service.

Following a survey of over 2,500 of its registered users regarding the pain points along the air travel journey, AirlineCheckins – which was developed by Lufthansa Innovation Hub – is now offering three different tiers of service: FREE, BASIC and PLUS.

AirlineCheckins FREE includes up to two check-ins per month while the BASIC version, priced at €4.99 for three months, includes an unlimited number of automatic check-ins and the provision of current flight information such as gate changes and delays in real time.

“We have sold several hundred of the BASIC service in the first week without having started marketing yet,” states Kristian Weymer, venture development manager and product lead for AirlineCheckins at Lufthansa Innovation Hub. “We have many users that have checked in more than 100 times within the last year. We save them a lot of time and simplify their travels – it’s these users who are willing to pay for the service.”

“We have many users that have checked in more than 100 times within the last year.” – Kristian Weymer, Lufthansa Innovation Hub

AirlineCheckins PLUS offers the benefits of the BASIC package plus unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi access onboard 36 airlines including Air France, Eurowings, KLM, Lufthansa, SWISS and American Airlines. This is the result of the company’s partnership with global Wi-Fi provider iPass and, as such, PLUS membership also includes access to 42 million further hotspots worldwide. Weymar says the aim is to allow business travelers to remain connected throughout their entire journey.

PLUS users also receive up to 20% discounts on over 370 airport lounges, which can be used regardless of membership or status for affiliated frequent traveler programs. The PLUS service costs €29.99 for three months and is initially limited to 2,222 users. Weymar says 15% of these packages have already been sold, again before any official marketing.

“One key benefit of AirlineCheckins is that it is an airline-agnostic solution, checking travelers in for more than 220 airlines worldwide,” Weymar explains. “With the expansion of our product along the travel chain, we are sticking to that provider-independent approach. Our goal is to build a comprehensive travel service solving major pain points frequent business travelers have.”

In terms of AirlineCheckIns’ next steps, Weymar comments, “Right now we are focusing on two topics along the travel chain: ground transportation and security checks. We will add corresponding services in the near future.”

In February 2018, Lufthansa announced it was trialing automated check-in for flights within the Schengen region.