GOL Kaelis tableware

GOL’s new premium economy-class tableware. Image via Kaelis

APEX Insight: Kaelis Group took inspiration from the Brazilian landscape when designing GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes’ new economy-class and premium economy-class tableware.

GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes has teamed up with Kaelis Group to revamp its in-flight dining experience. The onboard product provider created two sets of tableware that launched on GOL flights in early July.

The sleek tableware, which is functional and adapts to the needs of passengers, according to Kaelis’ creative manager Manoj Pridhanani, is available on 50 domestic routes and 14 international routes, including Sao Paulo to Miami and Sao Paulo to Santiago, Chile.

For premium economy class, the Rio de Janeiro-based airline chose a set that includes a casserole, bowls, metal cutlery, and glass drinkware. For economy class, the airline selected a disposable set that includes an aluminum casserole, and disposable plastic bowls and cutlery.

GOL Kaelis economy tableware

GOL’s new economy-class tableware. Image via Kaelis

“The Brazilian landscape was our source of inspiration,” Pridhanani told APEX Media. “Soft shapes, curved edges reflect the warm inviting Brazilian culture together with the GOL colors, giving this set a unique look.”

On flights more than five hours long, GOL offers passengers a snack and a main meal. For shorter flights, the airline serves sandwiches, croissants, and hot and cold drinks. Premium economy passengers also have the option of ordering alcoholic beverages, including beer and several types of wines.

“Dinnertime is the most relaxing moment of the day,” Pridhanani said. “On a flight, it is what a lot of customers look forward to. GOL has used this time to pamper their passengers. We have focused on the detailed aspects of design to achieve this.”

Pridhanani believes that the new tableware is “the perfect canvas for a fuller and more elaborate menu that passengers will enjoy. GOL has really focused on their passenger and teamed up with Kaelis to improve the travel experience,” he said.