LATAM augmented reality carry-on luggage

Image: Kristina Velan

APEX Insight: LATAM gave FTE Global attendees a sneak peek at a new augmented reality feature set to launch in its app next week. The tool allows users to superimpose a virtual box over their carry-on bag to determine whether it is within the permitted dimensions. KLM launched a similar feature in its app last week.

LATAM Airlines Group unveiled an augmented reality (AR) solution for measuring carry-on luggage at FTE Global in Las Vegas today. The new feature will launch as part of LATAM’s app at the beginning of next week for users in certain countries.

The feature will be available on both iOS and Android versions of the app, Cata Matta, LATAM Airlines Group’s head of Digital Services, told APEX Media. By using the “virtual box” tool, passengers can determine whether they’ll be able to bring their suitcase into the cabin, before arriving at the check-in desk (carry-on size restrictions are consistent across LATAM airlines’ fleet).

Discovering upon arrival at the departure terminal that luggage must be checked-in – and paid for – because it exceeds the permitted carry-on dimensions is a major pain point for both travelers and airline staff. Matta pointed to this as the reason LATAM Airlines Group chose to focus on enabling travelers to measure their hand luggage at home for its first foray into AR.

KLM launched a similar AR feature last week. The service, which is available in the KLM app for iOS users only, enables users to superimpose a transparent, virtual KLM suitcase over their own item to gauge whether their bag will be accepted upon boarding. However, KLM has included a disclaimer in the app stating that “the AR scanner tries to approach reality as much as possible.”

The KLM Houses app has also gone live with a new AR application. Using iOS11, it is now possible to experience the story of Anthony Fokker’s House 98 by clicking on the blue aircraft icon and watching virtual Fokker aircraft models appear in the room with you.