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APEX Insight: PXCom, Charlotte Dodson TV and SkyLights will launch in-flight entertainment channel TravelWell at APEX EXPO later this month. The content includes guided meditation, nutrition advice and exercises that can be consumed using SkyLights’ AlloSky VR headset.

PXCom announced this week that it has partnered with Charlotte Dodson TV and SkyLights to deliver a health and wellness in-flight entertainment channel called TravelWell. The content is made available to passengers through PXCom’s end-to-end XPlore solution as an additional feature that airlines can opt-in for.

“The TravelWell content is perfect for an immersive relaxing experience,” said Cyril Jean, PXCom’s CEO. “We are committed to supporting airlines in delivering the best in-flight experience.”

TravelWell features guided meditation, nutrition advice and seated and standing exercises in various formats: video, audio, digital and virtual reality (VR). The channel can be accessed through seatback screens, on passengers’ personal devices or by using SkyLights’ AlloSky VR headset.

TravelWell VR SkyLights

Image via PXCom

“For many people, travel can be a stressful experience,” Ruta Boguzaite, SkyLights’ head of Content, told APEX Media. “It can be cramped, claustrophobic and long, making it an ideal place for relaxation content, especially when delivered in VR. In VR, viewers can be transported to a calming new environment. Whether it’s sitting by a lake or under the Aurora Borealis, VR works with meditation content to further enhance passenger well-being.”

TravelWell will be available to demo using SkyLights’ AlloSky headset at APEX EXPO in Boston later this month.