Image via IdeaNova

APEX Insight: Following IdeaNova’s platform-agnostic technology strategy, INPLAY VR has been designed to work with any virtual reality (VR) headset currently on the market.

In its second new product announcement in as many weeks, IdeaNova has launched INPLAY VR, a new extension of the company’s INPLAY line of in-flight entertainment (IFE) products.

“Virtual reality viewing is on the upswing in all sectors of visual entertainment. In-flight entertainment is no exception,” said Juraj Siska, CEO of IdeaNova, in a press release. “In making virtual reality available on airline-provided or customer-owned devices, airlines can boost their IFE offering by improving their passengers’ onboard experience.”

“Virtual reality viewing is on the upswing in all sectors of visual entertainment.” – Juraj Siska, CEO of IdeaNova

The new virtual reality player will be demonstrated in IdeaNova’s booth at APEX EXPO, from September 24 – 27 in Boston. INPLAY VR will be demoed with Daytime Emmy Award winning films INVASION! (Tribeca 2016), and ASTEROIDS! (Sundance 2017), from Baobab Studios.

Following IdeaNova’s platform-agnostic technology strategy that ensures its IFE systems can be used with other manufacturers’ hardware and software components, INPLAY VR has been designed to work with any VR headset currently on the market and is future-proofed to handle new headsets.

“The headset industry is maturing rapidly, which is essential for more mainstream adoption of this technology,” Siska said. “We’ll see lighter, smaller and high-performing devices that won’t be much different from regular eye glasses.”

INPLAY VR features multi language audio and subtitles, Digital Rights Management (DRM) enabled content and non-DRM playback capabilities, and the ability to play streamed off-line, preloaded content.

It will interface with existing on-board systems to ensure that passengers will receive in-flight crew PA announcements, and like IdeaNova’s other components, IPLAY VR is fully configurable.

IdeaNova believes that VR will extend beyond the traditional IFE content in the cabin by giving passengers the ability to “preview” their journey though a connecting airport or view immersive videos of their destination.