RebelRocket app

Image via RebelRoam

APEX Insight: RebelRoam has developed an app that makes existing Wi-Fi connections more secure, faster and cheaper.

RebelRoam will launch the RebelRocket smartphone app at APEX EXPO next week.  The white label product, which can be branded and customized to individual airline specifications, allows airlines to enhance travelers’ Wi-Fi connection throughout the entire trip.

According to Piret Vahter, marketing manager at RebelRoam, the app solves three problems often associated with public Wi-Fi networks (both in-flight and on the ground): security, speed and cost. “The RebelRocket app automatically encrypts the unencrypted content to make any public Wi-Fi network secure,” Vahter told APEX Media. “It gives users the choice to block ads and malware, thereby dramatically reducing webpages’ load time in high latency wireless networks. Lastly, it optimizes video streaming, therefore giving more bang for the buck in metered networks.”

“IFC is killing [airlines’] bottom lines. We can help.” – Henri Ploom, RebelRoam CEO

The app does not provide a Wi-Fi connection, but rather enhances the experience offered by an existing Wi-Fi network, noted Vahter: “For example, a passenger logs in to the in-flight Wi-Fi network and then turns the RebelRocket app on to enjoy security, [a faster connection] and less data consumption.” After disembarking, travelers can continue to benefit from secure public Wi-Fi at airports and hotels, as well as reduced cellular roaming charges abroad.

RebelRoam CEO Henri Ploom believes the way to improve return on investment in in-flight connectivity (IFC) is to increase adoption rates by offering a better experience. In addition to improving passenger satisfaction ratings, the RebelRocket app allows airlines to reduce video streaming costs by half. “Airlines know they must provide IFC to remain relevant, but IFC is killing their bottom lines,” said Ploom. “We can help.”