Aeromexico CEO Andrés Conesa

Image: Vance Walstra

Aeromexico has been in business for 84 years. But it’s in the past five years that the airline has been making some big improvements to its services for passengers.

Branded fares have helped the airline offer a more personalized experience, Andrés Conesa, Aeromexico’s CEO said. “More people are paying exactly what they want. We can compete against the low and high ends of the market.”

Mexico’s flag carrier has also worked to standardize its fleet from seven types of aircraft to three, including Boeing 787s. “The most important thing is consistency. What we need to avoid is having a great experience and then on the next trip, the worst experience,” Conesa said. “We now have connectivity, in-flight entertainment, free food, free drinks on international short-, medium- and long-haul flights.”

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The airline will also introduce a new menu within the next few weeks in partnership with Mexican chef Elena Reygadas. Instead of preparing food at an airport facility, Reygadas will create fresh dishes daily at her own culinary premises. “We are innovating and we think it will make a big difference,” Conesa said.

But Conesa adds that none of this matters without operational reliability, another area of focus for the airline. “It doesn’t matter if you have connectivity, great food, or lie-flat seats if the plane doesn’t leave [on time].”

In August this year, Aeromexico only canceled five flights and has been able to achieve 93 consecutive days without a cancellation on its mainline service.