Image via Inflight Media Digital

Inflight Media Digital (IMD), a subsidiary of Inflight Media Marketing (IMM) International, known for its AirSAS in-flight ad-serving solution, has launched AirPMP, a new marketplace that enables advertisers to browse the ad-space inventory available on airline seatback and wireless entertainment systems.

While AirSAS places ads based on passenger nationality, age, gender or route, AirPMP matches airline offers and advertiser demands to optimize the buying and selling of ad space. Real-time statistics on number of impressions and click-through rate are updated at every aircraft takeoff and landing.

“We provide the ability to target, monitor and report [ad campaigns] without consuming any bandwidth,” said Jean-Marc Chevassus, CEO, Inflight Media Digital. “This is our positioning: to ad serve the right campaign at the right moment to the right people with the right message.”

In its first year since being launched, AirSAS has managed over 16 million targeted in-flight ads for brands such as Breguet Swiss luxury watches, Coca-Cola, FWD Insurance, gloryfy unbreakable sunglasses, Hewlett-Packard and LG Electronics.

AirSAS is already flying on 55 AirAsia aircraft, according to Lalitha Sivanaser, CEO of ROKKI Sdn Bhd, with more to come as the airline deploys the Rokki platform across its fleet.

“AirSAS is an additional channel for our in-flight marketing campaigns. More importantly, the platform is integrated into ROKKI’s in-flight portal which supports shopping, thus enabling sales conversions,” said Sivanaser.

AirSAS is used by in-flight entertainment and connectivity providers including AirFi, Bluebox Aviation Systems, Immfly, Phitek, PXCom, Rockwell Collins, Vision Systems and SITAONAIR, and currently flies on 500 aircraft.