Image: Vance Walstra

FTS announced at APEX EXPO this week that it has signed an agreement to install its XStream-SAT next-generation in-flight broadband system on Donghai Airlines’ fleet. The wireless in-flight entertainment and connectivity solutions provider says this is the first implementation of such a system in China to integrate both cockpit and passenger cabin applications.

“The seamless integration of the aircraft data network with the airline’s IT infrastructure enables the aircraft to become more intelligent and data-centric,” said Rich Salter, CTO of FTS. “By remote monitoring of flight systems performance and leverage on AI deep learning, the airlines can even preemptively predict defects, recommend preventive measures and thereby greatly improve flight reliability.”

FTS will also equip Qingdao Airlines’ entire fleet of A320 aircraft with its XStream-SAT broadband connectivity system. “Even before the lifting of the ban on passengers using their smartphone, we had been actively looking for a solution that meets our needs. The timing is right now that the smartphone ban was lifted, ChinaSat launched its Ka-band satellites CS16 and FTS is here with its XStream-SAT system to complete the puzzle,” said a spokesperson for Qingdao Airlines.

In addition, FTS is collaborating with Global Onboard Partners, a provider of in-flight advertising products, to offer a seamless in-flight entertainment and ancillary revenue service for airlines. The two companies will merge their patented onboard technology, hardware and products to offer airlines a comprehensive in-flight entertainment solution for generating revenue.

“Integrating our extensive network and our unique products into the FTS XStream hardware and software makes perfect sense and is allowing us to eliminate the costly barrier to entry for an embedded IFE system,” said Global Onboard Partners CEO Kirk Adams. “We can now offer a full-service, certified IFE system, including all hardware, software, and ancillary support, with no costs up front. We provide the full system for a low, flat monthly fee comparable to a portable system which gives both FTS and Global Onboard Partners the opportunity to expand our footprints in the industry and grow moving forward.”